Getting Around

When staying on the eastern and northern coasts of the island we recommend having a rental car or van. The island is 7 miles wide and 22 miles long and although there's a lot to see in North Side and East End we also recommend that you drive to Seven Mile Beach at least once during your stay. Please remember that we drive on the left in the Cayman Islands.

All the major rental car agencies are conveniently located within walking distance from the airport.

Please confirm all on-line reservations with a call and also to confirm that your car would be available if you're arriving late in the night.

  • Andys (Alto, Sentra, Taurus, Sebring, Mercedes/Cadillac, Vitara, Explorer, Wrangler, Astrovan & Hyundai H-1)
  • Avis (Honda Civics, PT Cruisers, 2-door and 4 door Wranglers & Expeditions)
  • Dollar (Compacts, PT Cruisers, Chrysler 300, Sebring convertible, Grand Cherokees, Dodge Durango SUV)
  • Economy (Hyundai Vans and Jeeps)
  • GT Leasing (BMWs)- email Stephen Gunby at
  • Hertz (Ford Focus and Jeep Wrangler)
  • Marshalls (Toyota Yaris, Mazda MPV, Hyundai H-1 Vans, Wrangler jeeps)
  • Thrifty Car Rental (Yaris, Corolla, Taurus, Vitara, Hyundai H-1 Van)
  • Apex Car Rental (Yaris, Ford Explorer, Hyundai I-10 Compact, I-30 Full Size and H-1 Van)

If you are concerned about a late arrival you may want to consider a company like McCurley’s Tours & Rental Cars (345-947-9626) – e-mail is (They have 4-door sedans & 6-passenger Suzuki mini-vans)

McCurley's will pick you up in one of their vans, take you by a convenience store (if you want) and then drive you to your Vaction Home. McCurley will have your rental car(s) waiting for you at the house.

Directions, assuming your rental office is at the airport...

  • Turn right out of rental agency parking lot and proceed to the roundabout. The airport Post Office is on your left at this intersection.
  • Turn left, and follow the road around past the Foster's Food Fair grocery (which will be on your right!)
  • Just past Foster's, turn left at the yield sign, and take this road around the end of the airport runway.
  • Turn left and settle in for a drive. During your drive, the road changes names several times, Crewe Road, Shamrock Drive, Bodden Town Rd, etc... It eventually passes through four roundabouts (aka traffic circles) where each time you want to go straight through the roundabout about toward Bodden Town. When you pass the second roundabout by Hurley's Supermarket at Grand Harbour, get in the left lane. You will head through Savannah, and then the coastal communities of Bodden Town and Breakers.
  • Look for the Lighthouse restaurant, a prominent landmark in the Breakers area. One mile (exactly, so pay attention!) past the Lighthouse restaurant turn left onto Frank Sound Rd. This is a prominent intersection and has a sign for Rum Point.
  • Cross the island on Frank Sound Rd. Near the north shore the road has a couple sharp bends, so SLOW DOWN. Just past the Esso gas station the road curves around to the left and follows the north shore. This road is initially called North Side Road but eventually turns into Rum Point Dr. after crossing Chisholm's Grocery Store. After crossing Chisholm's, stay on Rum Point Dr. for about another 8-10 mins and Ocean Paradise will be on your right hand side.

FYI, speed limits are posted in Miles Per Hour. A few right hand drive rental cars register speed in Kilometers per hour!

The approximate distance to the resort will be 25 miles and your travel time will be a leisurely and scenic 45 minutes.

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