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  • What is the Title of your Review?
    Perfect House
  • When did you stay at Ocean Paradise (Month/Year)?
    August, 2013
  • Where do you live (City, State, Region/Country)?
    Manassas, Viriginia
  • Why did you choose Ocean Paradise for your stay in Cayman?
    • Location
    • Price
  • Which airline (s) did you fly with?
    United airways
  • What did you like most about your stay at Ocean Paradise?
    Ocean Paradise is a great location with beautiful homes if you want to get away from the crowds and experience the island other then 7 mile beach.
  • Please give us your opinion on :

      Excellent Pricing Worth It Comparable to Others Over Priced
    Price VS Quality yes no no no
    Price VS Size yes no no no
    Price VS Location yes no no no
  • What type of Traveler would you recommend Ocean Paradise to?
    • Families with young children
    • Families with teenagers
    • Couples Getaway
  • Additional Comment
      The location of the property. Away from 7 mile and the crowds but still close you could drive to other places on the island.
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