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    Couples Getaway
  • When did you stay at Ocean Paradise (Month/Year)?
    March, 2012
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  • What did you like most about your stay at Ocean Paradise?
    We loved staying at our rental house (house #4) for a week of vacation. The house was beautiful inside & out, spotlessly clean, & had all of the comforts of home. Our house was one of two steps away from the ocean shore, and the patio & balcony views were breathtaking. We couldn't get enough of the wonderful warmth of the constant sun (even when rain sprinkled briefly one afternoon), and of the nonstop breeze. We wished we could have stayed longer. We plan to return in the future & definitely will rent house 4 again. The bedrooms & bathrooms were spacious, and we both commented that we "slept like a rock" in the luxurious beds. Waking up to the sound of the ocean waves & seeing the turquoise water & gorgeous blue sky, spending days exploring the island in our rental car, and bbqing in our screened-in porch's provided gas grill gave us such a fun and fabulous vacation. We highly recommend that you stay here for your vacation! It's the best place we've ever experienced.
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    • Honeymoon
    • Couples Getaway
    • Sightseeing
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      We LOVED our stay with ocean paradise & look forward to returning to house 4 ASAP :o)
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