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  • What is the Title of your Review?
    awesome beach house
  • When did you stay at Ocean Paradise (Month/Year)?
    July, 2012
  • Where do you live (City, State, Region/Country)?
    Florham Park, New Jersey
  • Why did you choose Ocean Paradise for your stay in Cayman?
    • Location
    • Price
    • Home Itself
  • Which airline (s) did you fly with?
    U.S. Airways
  • What did you like most about your stay at Ocean Paradise?
    Excellent location. The northside near rum point is an ideal place to stay on the island. it is very quiet, but, not really remote at all. much prefer this area of the island to 7mb. the views from all of the houses are similar, all have two decks with clear ocean views. the houses are finely funished and just as described and pictured. they are large and can sleep up to 8, two families or one family with inlaws. the pool and views are beautiful. in sum these are incredible newly built beachfront houses. the area is preferable to rum point proper such as the retreat and the size of the homes likely far exceed the size of any retreat unit and the cost is probably not much greater. i highly enjoyed my stay.
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      Excellent Pricing Worth It Comparable to Others Over Priced
    Price VS Quality yes no no no
    Price VS Size yes no no no
    Price VS Location yes no no no
  • What type of Traveler would you recommend Ocean Paradise to?
    • Families with young children
    • Families with teenagers
    • Honeymoon
    • Couples Getaway
    • Sightseeing
  • Additional Comment
      highly recommend these homes along with this area of the island.
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